Australian Christian College at Marsden Park was founded in 2007 to provide quality education on campus and online. How is this ‘quality education’ being delivered?

Student Cooking Great staff make great schools. Take a moment to think back on your experience in school. At the end of the day, your best memories are from teachers who cared for you and taught you in ways that unlocked learning. We want our teachers to be the best. We want our teachers to unlock learning for our students.

The second thing that facilitates quality education is our school culture. We know that a safe and supportive classroom is the best place to learn. To that end, we are looking for families who share our vision and values. Our parents work alongside our teachers to create the best possible learning culture. Many times, what that looks like is having our teachers accessible via email for parents to ask questions. Other times, you might see our teachers supporting and encouraging students who are struggling to grasp a difficult concept.

The last thing that’s really important to us is Jesus Christ. A teacher once asked Jesus, “What is the most important thing in life?” And Jesus said: “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind… Love your neighbour as yourself.” Our school is not a church and we are not affiliated with any religious denomination but we do love Jesus and we want to tell others about him.


Mrs-Paulle-Kwok Mrs Paulle Kwok is the Principal of Australian Christian College – Marsden Park. Paulle has been actively involved in education since the late 1970s. The hallmark of her role is her genuine love and care for students and the members of the school community. As an educator, her focus is on foundational literacy and numeracy as the key to achieving success in school.

Originally from Sydney, Paulle is married to Frank who is a specialist surgeon and they have five adult children.

Ross-Howard Mr Ross Howard is the Deputy Principal of Australian Christian College – Marsden Park. Ross is a passionate educator with a broad range of experience in schools. His previous appointments have included Cherrybrook Technology High School, Barker College (where he served for 12 years), Wesley College and Northolm Grammar School.

Ross has four children and his eldest son is studying at ADFA in Canberra.